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for PHP applications

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As a developer, part of our challenge is trying to anticipate all the problems that could happen when releasing a software in production. Sadly, we never can anticipate all of them. This is why all developers need a good error monitoring system.

Increase software stability

Increase software stability means significant reduction in the company's exposure to financial and competitive risk.

Enforce best practice

Consistent provision of detailed information to support exception reports and subsequent decisions.

Performance improvement

Monitor and enforce best practice and company procedure. Improvement in employee and company performance to respond of customer drawbacks.

You will have unlimited access to all product features until the end of the beta period. No credit card required.

Who is the right user for LOG Engine?

We aim to provide the best customer support and product experience to the companies that will decide to try our platform.
For this reason we have a 50 seat limit available for the public beta.

Developers and engineers

LOG Engine is a real-time logs & exceptions monitoring system that allows engineers to aggregate all application events in one easy to use platform, even if your server is down.

Release Managers

LOG Engine is the super power of Release Managers. Increase stability of your software and reduce drastically the time needed to inspect your code if something goes wrong.

Project Leaders

Receive real-time alerts and start to inspect anomalies at code level even if your infrastructure is unreachable. Provide consistent information for bugs resolution.

Onboarding ends at: May 31, 2019

Before if we reach 50 seats.

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You will have unlimited access to all product features until the end of the beta period. No credit card required.

Real time exception monitoring

LOG Engine provides you the ability to monitor your application logs & exceptions remotely, so your diagnostic data will be available even if your infrastructure is down.

Analyze exception stack trace with full code visibility where your app is crashing.

Instant alerts when something goes wrong

Before a user takes the time to send a report, there are 10 others who have simply left the website immediately. The issue can afflict many users before you are made aware of them.

Find out errors and exceptions before they afflicts your application users receiving real time alerts when something goes wrong in your code.

We have full support for PHP and Laravel based applications. During public beta period more platforms and frameworks will be integrated like Symfony and others.

Integrate in minutes

We provide integration library for PHP based applications. LOG Engine is ready to go if your app is written in pure PHP or built on top of one of the most popular PHP framework (e.g. Laravel, Symfony).

LOG Engine package are designed to have no impact on your applications performance. Collect logs and exceptions but start sending data to the LOG Engine API only after your application has responded to the user.

This is great because now you are free to log and trace safely your application events and errors without affect your server in terms of user experience or storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I pay to register an account?

A. No, it's free. At this time we are accepting only first 50 company accounts to run our public beta initiative. Since is our primary interest to put our platform under pressure and be sure that it will be resilient for future customers you will have free access to all features.

Q. What kind of applications can I integrate?

A. At the moment we have full support for PHP based applications. LOG Engine is ready to go if your app is written in pure PHP or built on top of one of the most poplar framework (e.g. Laravel, Symfony).

Q. Can I collaborate with others?

A. Yes, you can invite unlimited users to join in your organization.

Q. How does the public beta work?

A. Unrestricted access to all features free for 2 months. At the end of beta period we will reserve a lifetime access to our platform under conditions that will never be repeated in the future or maybe a completely free access.

Q. Why LOG Engine is different?

A. LOG Engine is focused on usability: easy to use and easy to integrate. We think that it is not necessary to be data scientists to have an efficient monitoring of the software and we consider simplicity and efficiency important values for our customers.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

A. Yes. After you cancel your account when you want and all data will be removed from LOG Engine.